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For those who are looking for more customers, greater revenue and brand recognition.

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Strategy. Set up. Management. Boost!

We focus on the strategy, set up, management and boosting of your paid media campaigns in order to increase customer reach and conversion.


For companies looking for [Customers]

For small and medium companies such as clinics, shops, and professionals with regional reach.

For e-commerces and digital or remote service providers.

It is possible to make competion irrelevant and avoid the price war by advertising directly to interested people with the correct buying profile.


For companies looking for [Companies]

Regular ads on Google, LinkedIn and Programmatic ads by search intent to seek big market players.

Target accounts lists for your B2B strategy.

Strategies to maximize the reach of your ABM and ABX teams.


High Performance Paid Media Advertising


We set up an ad strategy suited to your goals. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully choose the ad networks that can bring the best results on an adequate structure.


We frequently check if the strategy is performing and make adjustments to the route whenever necessary to scale up the results.


We maintain frequent contact with our clients, guiding and suggesting best practices recording videos and copywriting to strengthen the appeal of your communication.


Does it fit My Business?

Does your company's gross revenue is greater than US$ 10k per month?

Thus, we can boost your sales using the internet!

Depending on what you offer or the product you sell, we'll put together a strategy that reaches the right people for your business.

However, if it makes less than US$ 10k per month, but it's leveraged and can invest the necessary in marketing in order to succeed, then we can help you, too!

Please, attention! If your company's gross revenue is less than US$ 10k per month, in order to respect your time and not keep dragging you down, we prefer not to close a deal at this time. Click here and find out why.

In general, we charge a monthly fee starting at US$ 200 per month plus a percentage of revenue or investment made in ads, which can give a total fee starting at around US$ 400 per month.

In addition, your brand must invest at least US$ 1,000 in online ads monthly so that we can manage efficiently and bring results to your business.

Therefore, we believe that, for our partnership to work, your company needs to be earning from US$ 10,000, US$ 15,000 per month.

(In general, your company's marketing investment should not exceed 15% of gross sales.)

So, if this is your case, in order to respect your time and not keep dragging you down, we prefer not to close a deal at this time.

However, if your business is leveraged or you believe you can invest the necessary marketing in order to succeed, you can still get in touch!


[Online] sales specialist.

Hello! I'm Demian Andrade, internet marketing and sales consultant.

Meta Business partner (former Facebook Business), paid media specialist, copywriter, and author of e-books on online sales strategies.

Together with expert partners, let's boost your company ads, your clinic, your local store, your online business!

I will help you build a digital marketing strategy and boost your store, e-comm, clinic sales on Facebook and Instagram, Google, YouTube, linkedIn, among others.

Who has trusted our work

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Diesel Mechanics - Diagnostics and maintenance using the highest technology in equipment from Bosch.

I was very happy with the product I purchased.

The content created by Demian has been of great value to me, as it truly took me from scratch in Facebook Ads.

I hope to purchase other Demian's products and so grow more and more in knowledge.

I feel very honored to know Demian's work, I was very surprised by the way he presents his contents and it has helped me a lot to accelerate my projects in Digital Marketing.

I created an e-commerce on the Internet, I also created a page on Facebook and Demian has helped me a lot with his guidance, not only on the e-book, but eventually on WhatsApp.

I recommend it. His e-book has an easy and practical language.

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