Amazing tools and apps!

Check out some online marketing tools to help with your ads! (Some are only available in portuguese)
"Imagem de The Incredible Mind Reader"FREE!
The Incredible Mind Reader

What are most people searching for on on Google and YouTube and how can I use this to leverage my ads?

"Imagem de The Incredible Time-of-Speach calculator"FREE!
The Incredible Time-of-Speach calculator

How long will it take to read this text in front of a camera? Calculate the exact speaking time and record perfect videos!

"Imagem de The Incredible Facebook Ads Audience Guru"FREE!
The Incredible Facebook Ads Audience Guru

Increase reach, escape common interests and reduce the cost of your Facebook Ads campaigns with "hidden" audiences.

"Imagem de The Incredible Negative Words List"FREE!
The Incredible Negative Words List

Lists of words to block in your Google Ads campaigns.

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