The Incredible Mind Reader

What are most people searching for on on Google and YouTube and how can I use this to leverage my ads?
The Incredible Mind Reader (beta)

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Selected words

What are most people searching for on Google™? 🤔

Every time someone searches for something on Google or YouTube, it saves that information and suggests it to new people.

The magic happens when I can fetch that information and show it to you.

The goal is to use this to leverage your the keywords in your Google™ Ads campaigns or video tags for YouTube™.

It also helps to give ideas for content production, because every time you make content aligned to what people are searching for, your chances of showing up increase.

Enter a broad search term in the subject field and click the button. Search Google if you want to build search ad strategies in Google™ Ads. Search YouTube if you want to advertise on YouTube or make content for it.

The results will appear with contexts:

The results will appear with contexts:

  • Persian cat (search sugestions by single term)
  • Persian cat (search suggestions with a space after)
  • Persian cat a (suggestions where the next term starts with A)
  • Persian cat b
  • ...
  • Persian cat z
  • Persian cat (suggestions with prepositions)
  • Persian cat (suggestions with different comparisons)

Tip: use _ (underscore) between words as a wildcard to allow it to insert words in between:

  • implant _ tooth
  • _ implant tooth
  • _ implant _ tooth

This is a beta app. Results may be influenced by the chosen language, since the prepositions and comparatives used are in Portuguese. Also, if the search returns items in Portuguese, it is usually due to not using the local language characters, so it assumes it's Portuguese.